Our vision

Inspiring impact has an ambitious ten-year vision.

We are working towards a world where high quality impact measurement is the norm in the non-profit sector. Our vision is that in 2022:

  • The majority of charities and social enterprises routinely plan, measure, assess, and improve their work on the basis of their impact.
  • The majority of funders seek to increase their impact by using impact data to allocate resources and improve practices.
  • Evidence about effective interventions is widely available and regularly used to inform policy and practice.
  • Effective interventions are widespread leading to significant and sustainable improvements to the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable people.

These changes are due in large part to Inspiring Impact, which has influenced the practice of the majority of the UK non-profit sector.

The next three years

The first part of Inspiring Impact focuses on the next three years. By the end of year one, June 2013, we aim to have laid the foundations for embedding an impact approach in the UK non-profit sector through six projects under our five themes. By years two and three, we expect to see a tangible impact on the sector.

Find out how we will achieve our vision by reading about our plan.

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