Our work

Inspiring Impact aims to make high quality impact measurement the norm for charities and social enterprises by 2022.

Over the next decade we will work towards five key objectives under five themes, answering the key questions for the sector:

Impact leadershipWhat does good impact measurement look like?

We’re developing a Code of Good Impact Practice for charities and social enterprises, along with practical guidance to help implement it. We’re working to build a strong case for an impact approach to help leaders understand the benefits of impact measurement. Read more about our impact leadership work >

How do we know what we need to measure?

We’re creating an impact measurement diagnostic to help organisations navigate and understand the support that’s available. Read more about our work on coordinating support >

How do we measure it?

We’re building the infrastructure the sector needs to measure impact well. We’re working to make data more easily accessible and to bring reliable, high-quality tools, systems and approaches to charities. Read more about our work on data, tools and systems >

How can we compare with and learn from others?

We’re researching shared measurement approaches to explore common indicators and tools for specific fields or interventions to help share and compare results, methods and lessons, and identify the most effective solutions. Read more about our shared measurement work >

What’s the role for funders?

We’re working with funders, commissioners and social investors to encourage them to embed impact in finding decisions and build in evaluation costs, as well as working to help funders measure their own impact. Read more about our work with funders, commissioners and investors >

Inspiring Impact across the UK

Charities across the UK face the same challenges but operate in different contexts. We’re working in Scotland and Northern Ireland to ensure Inspiring Impact is a truly national programme. Read more about our work in Scotland and Northern Ireland >