Coordinating support

In order to measure well, charities and social enterprises need to know what they need to measure, and what support can best help them. Inspiring Impact’s work under the coordinating support theme aims to help charities and social enterprises understand the support available to them, and how best to use it. This work is led by Charities Evaluation Services (CES).

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Impact measurement diagnostic

Charities and social enterprises may not access the right support for impact measurement because they don’t understand what they need. Getting a consultant or academic to assess their measurement needs is costly, and not always objective. As a result, some are not directed to the most appropriate support for them.

Inspiring Impact is working on developing an affordable and easy-to-use impact measurement diagnostic system to help charities and social enterprises identify what they need to do to improve their impact measurement. This will include questions to help assess how well their current measurement practices suit their needs, what actions are needed to improve impact practice, and what particular approaches and tools may be useful.

We aim to build a community around the diagnostic so that users can assess the progress of their organisation towards better impact measurement practice, and to create peer-to-peer discussion and learning.

The diagnostic, Measuring up, was piloted in early 2013, and we are now working to make it available to all online.

Find out more about Measuring up on CES’ website >