Shared measurement

Many charities and social enterprises are starting to measure from scratch, using their own methodologies, which can make it difficult to share and compare methods and results. NPC is leading Inspiring Impact’s work on shared measurement, aiming to develop common indicators and tools for specific fields or interventions to help share and compare results, methods and lessons, and identify the most effective solutions.

Read about current projects under this theme below.

A blueprint for shared measurement

Several shared outcome measures and tools have been developed in a range of sectors, including homelessness and well-being. The best models can teach us about spreading shared measurement throughout the non-profit sector.

We have carried out in-depth research into different shared measurement approaches, exploring which have been most successful and identifying the critical success factors, outlined in the Blueprint for shared measurement. Drawing on this, we plan to produce a typology of shared measurement approaches. Finally, in consultation with shared measurement experts, we will produce guidance on how to develop new shared measures or tools, which support providers (including think tanks, consultants, academics and umbrella bodies) can use to develop shared measurement projects.

By providing clear guidance on shared measurement, we aim to  stimulate the development of more shared measures and tools across the sector, in turn making it cheaper and easier for charities and social enterprises to measure their impact.

In-depth shared measurement projects

A major aim of Inspiring Impact is to develop a series of shared measurement projects, building on the blueprint for shared measurement. At the time of writing, it is likely that two in-depth shared measurement projects funded by Deutsche Bank will take place during 2012/13.


Blueprint for shared measurement (2013)

Mapping outcomes for social investment (2013)