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A good practice case study report

May 2013

Learning from examples is a key part of embedding an impact approach into your organisation’s work. Evaluation Support Scotland has produced a short report profiling three organisations in Scotland with a pioneering approach to impact measurement to help others identify what good impact measurement looks like. Download a pdf of the report here >

Are you leading for impact?

April 2013

As part of our work on impact leadership, ACEVO have produced this document based on five questions for voluntary sector leaders. Including a number of case studies of organisations that have successfully implemented an impact approach, and outlining the benefits this can bring, the paper is designed to help charity sector leaders to make the case for investing in impact. Find out more and download it >

Blueprint for shared measurement

March 2013

Shared measurement involves charities and social enterprises working on similar issues, and towards similar goals, reaching a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so. The Blueprint for shared measurement explores what makes a successful shared measurement approach, and outlines the benefits and challenges associated with shared measurement. Read more and download it >

List of measurement tools and systems

October 2012

As part of our work on data, tools and systems, Substance gathered information about more than 130 measurement tools and systems. Download an excel spreadsheet containing their details here >

Inspiring impact: Working together for a bigger impact in the UK social sector

December 2011

Inspiring Impact sets out the current state of impact measurement in the social sector, and outlines how the participants in September 2011’s Impact Summit plan to inspire change and increase the focus on impact to help more charities and funders to make the most positive difference. Download the publication >